How Much watt Mixer Grinder is Good For Home? Avoid These 3 Mistakes

how much watt mixer grinder is good for home

While choosing the mixer grinder for your kitchen , the first question that comes to our mind is pretty obvious- how much watt mixer grinder is good?

The answer is subjective & it depends on one’s requirements. However, most people choose the wrong motor that does not meet up to their expectations. But after reading this short guide, you would be able to decide how much watt is good for mixer grinder.

How Much watt Mixer Grinder is Good?

Basically, all the mixer grinder brands available in India, offer two types of motor- 500 watts & 750 watts. However, some mixer grinders with motor power 1000 watts, 550 watts, or 700 watts can be seen in the Indian market.

We will stick to the two types only (750W & 500W). The 500 watts mixer grinders are suitable for regular grinding tasks.

These include chutney preparation, dry grinding & wet grinding to some extent. They come cheap as compared to 750 watts of mixer grinders. But, there’s a catch.

Is 500 Watt Mixer Grinder is Good?

While a 500 watts motor is good for general grinding purposes, they are not designed for tough grinding. We have seen them struggling when it comes to grinding turmeric, coconut & other hard ingredients.

They can’t prepare idli/dosa batter for you. Hence, 500W mixer grinders are not for your home if you are looking for tough grinding as well.

Bajaj Easy 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Another point is, it has less RPM compared to a 750W motor. So, a 500W rotates slowly than a 750W motor. Hence, grinding time is more.

If you have a small family ( up to 3 or 4 members), a 500 watts mixer grinder is good for home. They will not burn your pocket as they start as low as Rs. 1500.

Is 750 Watt Mixer Grinder is Good?

Now coming to the mixer grinder 750 watts, they are really made powerful. a 750 watts motor can perform regular functions as well as advanced tasks such as tough grinding, wet grinding, idli/dosa batter preparation, etc.

heavy duty 750-watts copper motor

So, you can do dry grinding, liquidizing, chutney making & hard grinding as well. Since it has more speed, you get finer grinding results.

To sum up, if you have a family of more than 4 members, you must go for a 750W mixer grinder. Hope you now know how much watt mixer grinder is good for home.

How Many Watts Should a Hand Mixer Have?

A hand mixer is designed to handle the light grinding tasks. So if you need to mix a small number of ingredients, buying a hand mixer is a great idea.

It is quite useful in whipping cream, eggs, light batter, etc. A hand mixer often comes with a motor of 150 to 250 watts.

why should you buy a hand mixer?

But what is the best wattage for a hand mixer? If you need it for very light kinds of ingredients that are not too dense, 150 watts is good.

If you buy a hand mixer with 250 watts motor, then it performs well with thick materials as well. On the other hand, a hand mixer with a motor of 150 or 200 watts might struggle with thick dough.

How Many Watts is Good For a Stand Mixer?

Stand mixers are more powerful than hand mixers. So they come costly. Coming to your question, a good hand mixer will be something that does not struggle with the ingredient in question.

In the market, you can see stand mixers with motors ranging from 600 to 1200 watts. If you buy a stand mixer with low wattage, it will not be able to process dense food items, like dough.

why should you buy a stand mixer?

Hence, it is always recommended to buy one with high wattage, typically 1000 or 1200 watts. They are very powerful, safe & optimized for all kinds of food processing.

Never Make These 3 Mistakes

  • Going cheap: If your expectations are high from a mixer grinder, don’t focus on cost-cutting. If you do, it may backfire. Mixer grinders coming with a low price tag have low-quality performance & you may end up rushing towards the service centers often.
  • Low power motor: This is somewhat related to #1. A low-power motor will not be able to perform complex tasks so well & the purpose of a mixer grinder would be questioned. Always go for a high-wattage mixer grinder.
  • Motor build quality: Though most of the mixer grinder motors are made of copper, still you may want to cross-check with the manufacturer. A copper motor would always be durable.

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